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Tap Dance

The history of tap dance covers the modern evolution of dance, starting with the mid-1800s when African-American influence started changing the modern scene of dance to eventually managing to reach incredible heights of popularity. Learn more about history of tap dance

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Ice Dancing

Ice dancing is one of the visually most spectacularly dances of the modern age, it is a discipline of figure skating that originally evolved from the ballroom dance. Here you can get introduced to its colorful history and the way it became one of the most popular winter Olympic sports.

Contra Dance

Contra dance is a folk dance characterized by long lines of couples. Contra dance in Europe and North America proved to be one of the most important ballroom dances before the time dances for pairs became prevalent.

Line Dance

Line dance represents one of the most communal and fun modern dances, often danced during celebrations and in dance halls. Originating from the 1950s and receiving a big boost during the height of disco era, line dance can easily be found today all around the world.