Dance List - Information about Specific Dances

Dance Festival

There are many specific dances which can be sorted into single dance styles or families of related dances. Here you can read more about specific dances and variants of a specific dance.


Traditional folk dances rarely manage to become so famous that they are danced casually and professionally all around the world, but Polka is a clear exception to that rule. Learn more about its history and many other information.

Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance was originally used as a religious and spiritual dance. Along the popular Sun Dance that was practiced by the tribes of the Plains Indians in US and Canada, Ghost Dance remains remembered today as a unique modern dance that was introduced during times of the greatest hardships of the Native Americans.

Jazz Dance

Originally, the jazz dance referred to any dance done to jazz music. Dances created in a free form way often manage to find great popularity, but jazz dance managed to change the dancing scene completely when it was popularized in early 20th century. Learn more about jazz dance history.

Sun Dance

Sun Dance is the traditional dance of Native American Indians of the plains territories, closely connected with the celebration of Sun, Earth, well-being of entire tribes and wishes of the individual tribe members. The dance itself was temporarily banned, but it managed to resurface during the middle of 20th century.

Ice Dancing

Ice dancing is one of the visually most spectacularly dances of the modern age, it is a discipline of figure skating that originally evolved from the ballroom dance. Here you can get introduced to its colorful history and the way it became one of the most popular winter Olympic sports.

Tap Dance

The history of tap dance covers the modern evolution of dance, starting with the mid-1800s when African-American influence started changing the modern scene of dance to eventually managing to reach incredible heights of popularity. Learn more about history of tap dance

Line Dance

Line dance represents one of the most communal and fun modern dances, often danced during celebrations and in dance halls. Originating from the 1950s and receiving a big boost during the height of disco era, line dance can easily be found today all around the world.

Square Dance

Square dance is one of the most popular traditional dances of England, which managed to achieve great popularity in not only continental Europe but also in North America. Here you can read all about the interesting history of square dance and its numerous variations that are danced all around the world.

Contra Dance

Contra dance is a folk dance characterized by long lines of couples. Contra dance in Europe and North America proved to be one of the most important ballroom dances before the time dances for pairs became prevalent.

Folk Dance

Folk dances are dances that managed during their long life to infuse traditions and ethnic elements into their structure. Hundreds of countries and countless of regions from all around the world have their folk dances, and here is the brief history of them all.

Disco Dance

Disco dance refers to dancing type where dancers in discos dance in their own dance styles and dance steps, although from the disco era many popular dance styles are developed. Some popular disco dance forms are disco freestyle, partner and line dances.